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SolidMaker™ is a unique package that enables 3D PCB modeling and a bi-directional transfer of design data between PCB layout programs as PADS Layout® or Cadence Allegro® and 3D mechanical solid programs such as SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Pro/Engineer®, Inventor®, and other mechanical design programs - for editing, design verification and 3-dimensional visualization.

The exchange of design data uses native file formats: ASCII format from the Layout side (Either PADS ASCII file or Allegro's SKILL-extracted design structures) and Parasolid from the 3D mechanical side. No intermediary interface, e.g. IDF or DXF, is required in the process. Therefore, no artificial constrains are imposed on the transfer mechanism.
Board outline / cutouts, pads, keepouts and components can all be transferred between the programs to facilitate the exchange of design intent and packaging constraints between Layout and the Mechanical department.

Never before such a board 3D visualization and transfer of design information between PADS or Allegro
and the leading mechanical design software was that comprehensive and easy.

  Benefits: Key Features:

SolidMaker V.3.5.02 is out Details
3D Model Creation
Creation of 3D electronic
parts models for Solidmaker and other systems  Details

  • Eliminate mechanical integration errors and board re-spin; speed-up process flow and time to market
  • Avoid inefficient and error-prone process: auto-Transfer constraints and critical placement to/from Layout
  • Visually identify wrong decals / mismatched THP drill holes
  • Visually identify undersized / oversized SMT pads relative to parts terminals
  • Overcomes PADS' board construction limitation by using Solid program tools
  • Automates inter-dept. design flow and improves verbal communication
  • Produces stunning stuffed-board visuals for docs and promotional material
  • Less costly than any other software solution. No need for PADS options.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface - straight through conversion flow. Auto/Manual parts assignment
  • Native bi-directional (no IDF) database-to-database transfer: board, parts, cutouts, keepouts
  • Can handle boards of extreme contour complexities
  • Auto selection of 3D models or "elevated silk" construction
  • Choice of light-weight 3D Shapes for fast graphical manipulations
  • Large library of verified 3D parts. Custom construction is available
  • Color hints for "elevated silk" parts to convey special meaning
  • Detailed report on conversion parameters and parts associations
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